Parent Teacher Conferences will be held Jan. 26 from 12:30- 7:30

01/17/2012 19:09
Please make sure you come early for parent teacher conferences.  Conferences run back to back and many parents have to make other conferences.  If you are late to your child's conference a new conference time may be scheduled for a later date.  If more time is needed to...

Website launched

08/17/2011 00:00
Our new website was launched today! I will be adding current information as much as possible. Please be sure to visit our site often.  I will include resources to supplement your student's learning as well as important information regarding our class' happenings.  Thank you so much for...


08/17/2011 00:00
You will find all our latest newsletters, detailing what is going on in our classroom, in this section. Newsletter 1 2011.pdf (117,5 kB) Theme 1 Week 1 Newsletter 2011.pdf (178,1 kB) Theme 1 Week 2 Newsletter 2011.pdf (111,5 kB) Theme 2 week 1 Newsletter 2011.doc (35,5 kB) Theme 2 Week 2...